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Arbitration Fees

Arbitration Fees

Fees for arbitration are dependent upon the amount of controversy, the number of parties, the complexity of the case, and the forum for the hearings. An Estimate of Mr. Hoover's fees is as follows:

Per Diem
$5,000 (2 party case)
$5,500 (3 party case)
$6,500 (4+ party cases)
Study Time/Deliberation
Preliminary Hearings
Ad Hoc Retainer
Required In Advance

*Weekend arbitration will be charged an additional $250 per party for heating/ air conditioning charges and other administrative expenses.

Depending on the locale and forum for the arbitration, forum fees may vary. Generally, the arbitrator's out-of-pocket costs for hearing rooms and refreshments are charged and divided equally between the parties to the arbitration.

Late cancellation of arbitration causes a variety of problems for all concerned. To minimize this problem, the following late cancellation policy will apply: If an arbitration final hearing is canceled thirty (30) or fewer business days prior to the scheduled arbitration date, a cancellation fee equal to the per diem rate, times the number of days canceled, will be charged to the canceling party(s).

Actual expenses incurred for travel, lodging, and meals (and other travel-related expenses) will be charged at cost and divided equally among the parties, i.e., no markup. Air travel is via First Class.
Effective: 12/31/2023